Brittany was made for biking, there are some superb roads whether you're looking for a blast out or a cruise around taking in the sites and sounds,and with so little traffic in comparison to the UK, it's a pleasure!
We are bikers ourselves and are always happy for a ride out. There are also local motorcycling clubs who will welcome you with them on their group ride out days, or if you prefer we can recommend places for you to visit and roads to ride.

Mid August sees thousands of bikes at Pocaro for a religious "Pardon", and Ballade de Moto ( ride out ), so if you fancy having your bike blessed as you ride past a priest then that's the time to do it !!


                                  Lake side

A Bike Club France and WIMA meet
(Womens International Motorcycle Association) 
                                                                                                 Come On Over And be on Our Page next Year !       

New Biker Friends   
                                                                                                           Great Days